Finding the Way Forward in “Unprecedented” Times


As I look out over the landscape of our lives, I see vastly different outlooks.

Some harbour fear and trepidation, some loot and pillage, some suffer and die as the pandemic rips through nations, some see it extremely hard to make ends meet, political opportunism is rife, enabled by populism.

Epics clash against titans. What is one to do?

I too have been pondering and planning


I have decided to follow Jesus decades ago! I am still followin’ baby!

Having retired in October 2017, I have invested the last 3 years in becoming re-tyred!

For me, that has meant meeting new people, developing extended networks and latterly, not being able to see life-long friends or family in other states.

Re-tyrement for me has been all about getting that last tyre “un-stuck”. Never one to lack in dreams or visions, I’ve found that unless I take steps to put “Vision into Action” (Quote from Douglas Long), or “Dream Big” (refer to Bob Goss recent book), or be a “Springmaker” (see Psalm 84:5-8 in the Bible) then I’ve lessened my life.

Unleash your God-given passions and create!


So, South Land Plant Keys is, amongst other aspects of my life, about going forward with alignment and alacrity! 

I’d love people to join me in a dialogue about Australia’s health and wellbeing.

What contributes to it? What detracts from it?

My own view is that every person has by God’s Design, an internal reservoir of passions, skills and gifts that will help them, help others and enable conduits to be developed.

These conduits allow the release of the “new” and see how that can benefit you, your friends, your family, your neighbourhood, your area, your country and globally.

The Bible says that “a man’s heart is deep waters, and a person of wisdom draws it out” (see Proverbs 20:5 in the Bible).

Let me know your views!

Greg Osborne

Remember this: God loves YOU, and He sent Jesus so that anyone who BELIEVES on Him as their Saviour will NOT perish but will HAVE eternal life. See John 3:16 in the Bible.