South Land Plant Keys is all about your optimal health and wellbeing.  But perhaps not in the usual sense.  We believe your wellbeing is more than just your physical health and we invite you to take a look around and join with us on a journey to discover whole health and wellbeing for your body, soul and spirit.

Who We Are

We are the founders of South Land Plant Keys.  We love the land of Australia and as Australians, we value what this land and its people have to offer.

Through building relationships with farming and Indigenous communities in regional Australia, we have come to realise the uniqueness of the environment and the wealth of knowledge Indigenous peoples have of Australian bushfoods, including the great nutritional benefits they provide.  This led us to investigate the possibility of producing plant-based health boosters using native Australian bushfoods combined with other farm ingredients.  The ingredients have been independently scientifically-researched to ensure their health benefits are legitimate.

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Our Mission

To support the whole health and wellbeing of all Australians.

To help Australians discover their uniqueness and their spiritual identity.

To promote the valuable contributions of all Australians to our society.

Introducing Greg

Greg has a passion for helping all Australians improve their optimal health and wellbeing.  He has spent many years travelling to Indigenous communities learning about bush tucker and the health benefits of our native Australian bushfoods.

With a background in applied research and development, he has been working on developing products for everyday Australians to integrate these health boosting foods into our everyday diets.

Through his continued research and partnerships with farming and Indigenous regional communities, Greg is expanding South Land Plant Keys to discover more nutritionally valuable health boosters for improving the nutrition and health of our nation and its people.

Greg loves the Australian outback and his eBooks are a beautiful combination of imagery and poetry that capture the heart of the outback and its people.

Introducing Dianne

Dianne has almost 50 years of dressmaking experience and during this time has watched the industry change with overseas purchasing makingclothing more available and affordable, and perhaps not so unique.

When her first grandchild was born, she turned her hand to quilting to make a truly unique and personalised gift which has been treasured for more than 14 years! It’s a little faded now and super soft from all the years of loving!

All her handmade quilts are made with 100% cotton fabrics and wadding making them very easy to care for.  They are ideal for laying on the floor when babies are having tummy time and can easily be washed (and tumble dried) as often as is necessary.

Dianne’s quilts are one of a kind.  Some may have similar designs or fabrics, but each one is unique.  If you are interested in a particular colour, style or size, Dianne is happy to make custom made, personalised quilts for any occasion.

Our Vision For Optimal Health and Wellbeing

South Land Plant Keys has a big vision.

We take a holistic approach to optimal health and wellbeing considering the wellbeing of the body, soul and spirit.  We believe your spiritual wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbeing and we would love to help you on your journey to discover your true spiritual identity.

We are about you discovering who you are created to be and providing a place for the sharing of who you are with others.  We believe that your wellbeing is dependent on you knowing your Creator, knowing yourself and knowing how you can contribute in this world. 

If you are on a journey of discovering how to improve your optimal health and wellbeing, we hope you will feel at home and hopefully we can play a part in assisting you with products to help you along the way.  

Improve Your Physical Wellbeing With Australian Health Boosters

Native Australian health boosters.  Feel the difference today!

Why We Manufacture Health Boosters?

The regional landscapes of Australia provide a wealth of nutritional food ingredients that can support optimal health and wellbeing.  By manufacturing health boosters these nutritional bushfoods and farm foods can become readily available to all Australians.

Through our connections with Indigenous communities and industries, we are empowering Indigenous communities to contribute to the nation as a whole.  We believe the wellbeing of our country is vital for us to move forward as a nation.  And for our country to thrive, the land and its people need to discover their optimal wellbeing.

At South Land Plant Keys we have a dream – to be a link in the process of bringing healing and wholeness to our land and its people.

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With our vision for healing the land of Australia, we firmly believe in sustainable farming and production processes, soil health and minimal processing of ingredients, keeping them as natural as possible to retain their nutritional value.

Our ingredients include a variety of bushfoods and farm foods, all with high nuritional value.  We use roasted acacia seeds, sundried bush tomatoes, saltbush leaves, Paroo honey, nut grass seeds and many others unique to the Austrlian landscape.  You can read more about our unique ingredients and their health benefits here.

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Our products currently include:

  • Australian Health Boosters: Manufactured in Australia with scientifically researched native Australian ingredients.  Boost your physical wellbeing.
  • Handmade Quilts: Quilts and homewares  handmade in Australia.  Warm the heart and soul.
  • Spiritual Wellbeing ebooks: Discover your true spiritual identity and foster your spiritual wellbeing with one of our workbooks.  Download for FREE.
  • ‘Phoetry’ ebooks:  We define ‘phoetry’ as a unique combination of photography and poetry.  Our ebooks are designed to connect Australians with their regional landscapes through the sharing of outback photography and poetry.

New products in development:

  • Snackfood range:  We are developoing a product range of nutritional snackfood using nutrient-rich native Australian bush tucker to help boost your optimal health and wellbeing.
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Searching For Spiritual Wellbeing?

Begin to discover your spiritual identity and purpose with our FREE eBook - "Crossing Over"