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Australian Health Boosters

All natural, Australian-grown ingredients  to support your physical wellbeing and whole health.  Our health boosters are ideal to easily add to your regular diet.

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Handmade Quilts

Creativity is an expression of optimal wellbeing and Dianne hand makes these beautiful patchwork quilts, Australian made.  Perfect for a unique gift!

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Spiritual Wellbeing

Discover your spiritual wellbeing and find meaning and purpose in life.  This could be your next step on the jouney to whole health.

How our products can boost your whole health, creativity and discovery of wellbeing

  • Scientifically-proven, wholefood plant-based natural ingredients from Australia’s farms and Indigenous country.
  • Tailor-made health boosters for boosting key aspects of heart health, digestive health and plant food proteins for muscle health etc.
  • Plant-based and sustainably produced, naturally functional, whole health boosters.  Used as part of a balanced diet they can help deliver health-boosting outcomes.

About South Land Plant Keys

South Land Plant keys takes a holistic approach to your whole health and wellbeing.  Our focus is on healing our land and its people. 

We have a vision to make the health benefits of native bushfoods available to all Australians and in doing this support farmers in regional Australia and local Indigenous communities.

We believe in the expression of creativity as one of the dimensions of health and wellbeing and the handmade quilts that are available are the product of this expression.

Australian Health Boosters As Part Of A Balanced Diet

A focus on whole health and wellbeing would be incomplete without considering physical health.  Our Australian health boosters use scientifically recognised ingredients from regional Australian farms to boost physical health naturally.

Our health boosters range, grown and manufactured in Australia, includes ingredients such as BarleyMax™ and Australian plant proteins.  These ingredients have been minimally processed to produce supplements that can be easily added to your everyday diet.

Give your whole health and wellbeing a boost.  They are simply added to your regular food every day as part of a balanced diet.

  • Simply top your cereal or yoghurt with a spoonful in the morning.
  • Add to a smoothie for a nutrient-rich snack or post-workout boost.
  • Include in baked goods to increase the nutritional value of snacks for the family.
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Featured Australian Health Boosters

heart health booster
Heart Health Booster

One of the best beta glucan products provided by Australian farmers. Contains BarleyMax™, rolled oats and flaxseed.

digestive health booster
Digestive Health Booster

Boost the health of your digestive system with gut health kibble.  Enjoy as a part of your daily diet by simply adding to what you already eat.

Plant Protein Booster
Muscle Maintenance Booster

Muscle Maintenance Booster contains scientifically proven ingredients of mung beans, BarleyMax™, and chickpeas providing a balanced essential amino acid profile.

Our Commitment To Community

Through the communities we live in, we grow and contribute together.   Communities in regional Australia have an important contribution to make to our society.  Their ability to sustainably farm and produce whole foods provides unique opportunity for all Australians to enjoy nutritional health boosters as a part of their everyday diet. 

Our goal is to support regional and Indigenous communities to help them discover their uniqueness and the valuable knowledge and experiences they have to contribute to Australian society.  The connection of Indigenous Australians to land and country has meaning and purpose for all Australians.  Our hope is that through this connection we can help improve the whole health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Part of living in community is about contributing to community and having a healthy body enables us to engage and contribute in ways that benefit others.

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As well as Australian health boosters, to help support your whole health and physical wellbeing, you will find some of the contributions of others on these pages.  We hope they will warm your heart as you share in the expressions of creativity displayed by fellow Australians.

To begin with, our additional products include handmade quilts and eBooks.  We hope these will nourish your soul and bring you joy. We hope these contributions will be a blessing to you and your families as you consider the various dimensions of health and wellbeing.

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