For several decades now, medical, scientific and public health research has outlined the best ways to boost heart health.

These include:

  • Active lifestyle
  • Balanced Diet
  • Lower stress levels
  • Being part of a good community

Some of us are genetically gifted with a metabolism that can handle most food types.

Nevertheless, we all could benefit from monitoring our health, wellbeing, weight and activity levels.


For the last decade, we have been bombarded with diets, fads, confusing signals and heaps of alternatives! So what is a person supposed to do!


For me, a male in my mid-sixties, who has had an active lifestyle for my whole life, I still need to monitor my heart health regularly.

Family traits and characteristics can indeed flow down into the generations following.

In my case, I need to monitor the Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) in my blood. LDL’s are scientifically proven to be problematic to heart health if above certain levels (in individuals who are susceptible). This is scientifically and medically proven; numerous articles attest to this.

I also need to be careful about fatty deposits in some of my veins and arteries.

My Christian faith helps me to not worry and to continue onwards.


In my working career I have always enjoyed the wonderful farming and bush and outback regions of Australia.

Australia produces some of the best crops and foods in the world and is recognised globally as a quality exporter.

Scientific and medical and nutritional links to health have established that Plantfoods can help boost heart health.

One still needs to develop an active lifestyle, a balanced diet, and to follow the advice of your doctor.

Recognised scientific research organisations, such as Australia’s CSIRO, have discovered how key components within Plantfoods can help boost heart health. Some such components include (amongst others):


            Beta-Glucan (soluble fibre)

            Resistant Starch

            Omega-3fatty acids

Natural Plantfoods, Seeds, Legumes, Wholegrains and various Value-Added Plantfoods can assist to boost heart health.

Vascular Health (Veins and Arteries carrying the body’s blood supply) also need to be operating well to boost heart health and vascular health.


Heart Health involves a holistic approach. There are the scientifically proven physical contributors, such as those discussed above.

In addition, there are heaps of ways to also increase your joy. Finding your happy place, where stress is reduced or eliminated, is also a further Key to boosting your heart health.

For me, I love the mornings. When the first light starts and grows to fullness in the crisp dawns. Each day, God’s mercies are new! The birds sing, the animals play and there are delights to be explored.

It is different for everyone. Young Mothers attend to their children; people rush off to their commute; tasks need to be done; pressure rises.

I really do encourage you to find your own personal “joy time”. Hearts Matter! For some, it will be a walk; a coffee with a close friend; reflecting; having a HIT run (!). It’s a myriad of choices, as vast as the uniqueness that is placed in every person.

I also spend what I call my “Quiet Time”, where I will sit in my prayer chair and talk with my heavenly Father. I will listen (with my inner heart!), read His Word the Bible, and obtain/receive His Peace, Joy and settlement into the things of the day.

There is also what I call the Divine Exchange, where the things that may be concerning me or troubling me, or where I need direction, or the “clamouring things” etc can all be brought openly before God. I receive His Love and His Peace. Have a look in the Bible at Philippians Chapter 4 and verses 6 to 9. I am sure that you will receive a Blessing of Peace from God.


May I encourage you in your quest and in your journey. I bless you with progress, health and strength.

I encourage your good community connections and that your heart desires would be met in healthy ways.

Please contact me if I can be of any help and I can also pray for you or with you.

Here’s to great heart health!

Greg Osborne

25 January 2021