Heart Health Booster


Heart Health Booster contains the scientifically proven ingredients of BarleyMax™, rolled oats and flaxseeds. With no added sugar and rich in naturally occurring plant foods it provides a unique combination of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, beta-glucans, omega-3 fatty acids, plant proteins and complex carbohydrates.  If you are looking for one of the best beta glucan products, grown and produced in Australia, we have formulated this product to help boost your heart health. Combine with regular exercise, adequate fluid and healthy eating to enhance your wellbeing.

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As part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle, the Heart Health Booster is designed to boost your heart health.  A ready-to-use addition to cereals, yoghurts, beverages, muesli bars and healthy snacks.  Use a portion size of 50g of Heart Health Booster in your favourite application daily and enjoy!

All Australian ingredients, buy beta glucan grown in Australia.

Read more about BarleyMax™ at thehealthygrain.com.

Sugar-free, plant based ingredients.

Natural nutrition.

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