Muscle Maintenance Booster


A 100% wholefood legume and grain-based ready-to-eat functional Ingredient. Based on legumes that have been soaked and pre-baked combined with BarleyMaxTM.  These Ingredients have excellent availability of nutrients. Linked with an active daily lifestyle, this 100% natural food can assist to maintain muscle mass after exercise and for older people to keep a higher level of protein in their diet. The CSIRO “Protein Plus Nutrition and Exercise Plan” Macmillan Press 2019 Sydney is a valuable, scientifically proven reference to optimise the protein benefits of an every-day diet for those interested in accessing the benefits of healthy, nutritious eating.

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The South Land Plant Keys Muscle Maintenance Booster contains whole mung beans, whole BarleyMaxTM and chickpeas. These ingredients are scientifically and medically recognised as a contributor to increasing the protein content of a healthy diet. The product is 100% Australian grown, and 100% Australian owned.

The South Land Plant Keys Muscle Maintenance Booster is nutrient dense, is a source of minerals and complex carbohydrates, and contains all nine of the essential amino acids that the body needs to obtain from the diet. These form the basis for protein manufacture in the body.

The benefits of the South Land Plant Keys Functional Food Ingredient are:

    1. A convenient and natural way to increase protein content in the diet. This can assist in the body being able to operate and recover well after exercise and can assist with maintaining muscle mass in older people
    2. The Muscle Maintenance Booster has a number of usage applications, and is particularly useful for those who want a nutritious, wholefood, natural boost to their diet after exercise or to help with palatable increase in protein for older people.

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Sugar-free, plant based ingredients.

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