Handmade Quilts

If you are looking for a unique Australian made gift, a handmade quilt may be perfect. Our quilts are all handmade by Dianne, locally in Brisbane, with love, care and attention to detail.  The fabrics are all 100% cotton with 100% cotton batting and can be machine washed and even tumble dried on a gentle cycle.

Dianne has been making quilts for over 14 years.  Sewing is one of her loves and passions and it brings her great joy to create a personalised gift that is both practical and beautiful.  For Dianne, part of her spiritual wellbeing is found in the contribution she can make to others through her timeless quilts for sale.  The joy she finds in making quilts can be passed on to others who receive them as a truly unique handmade gift.

You can either purchase a premade, handmade quilt or contact Dianne to discuss a custom handmade quilt.  Your input with the colour, size and style is welcomed and quilts can even be personalised with names.

No two quilts are identical. 

Dianne’s choice of colours creates a palette for each quilt that is unique and diverse and the range of styles shows off some of the best patchwork quilting designs around.

Each quilt is a one-of-a-kind, with it’s own variations in fabric and design.

Available products include:

  • lap size quilts/throws
  • cot quilts
  • travel quilts
  • bed quilts
  • table runners
  • placemats
  • picnic blankets
  • and more!
handmade patchwork quilt
patchwork quilts australia orange navy quilt

Give The Gift Of Handmade Quilts

100% cotton quilts – handmade with love and care

The Design Process For Custom Handmade Quilts

The first question is who is the quilt for? And secondly, how will it be used?

Quilts make ideal gifts for new babies, children moving into a ‘big bed’ from their cot, grandparents or even newly married couples.  They can be used for cot blankets, are ideal floor rugs for ‘tummy time’, are handy to keep in the car for a picnic and make great throws for those colder evenings.

Who the quilt is for will guide the choice of fabric in terms of the colour and design.  The range of fabrics available is extensive and coordinating fabrics can create bright, colourful quilts or more subdued tones can be used for something more subtle.

How the quilt will be used will affect the size of the finished quilt.  From an everday placemat size to large custom handmade quilts for beds and everything in between.

To discuss your options for a custom handmade quilt, contact Dianne today!

Handmade Quilted Placemats Or Table Runners

everyday placemats – Christmas placemats – made-to-order personalised placemats

7 Reasons to Purchase Handmade Quilts

1.  Our quilts are durable. They will stand the test of time and make lovely gifts for children to keep as a memento from their childhood.  The more they are loved and used the better they become.

2.  Handmade quilts are surprisingly warm and the weight of a quilt is comforting.

3.  Quilts are easy to care for and can be machine washed and either tumble dried or line dried in the shade.

4. The fabrics available are beautiful and can be matched to any colour scheme.

5.  Unique prints create fun designs for babies and children.

6.  Quilts can be made any size for any bed.

7.   A truly unique, personal and thoughtful gift!

washable quilted placemats

Care Instructions For Your Handmade Quilts

Being 100% cotton fabrics and batting, our quilts are easy to care for and maintain.  Your custom handmade quilt can be either machine washed or handwashed with an everyday laundry powder.

All our quilts can either be line dried, preferably in the shade or tumble dried on a low setting, or a combination of both.  Tumble drying your quilt at a low temperature for 10 minutes can reduce the drying time on the line and helps to soften the fibers.

As your quilt is washed over time the fabrics will soften making your quite more and more cosy.  Ironing is not recommended as it can flatten the backing changing the appearance of your quilt.  Following these instructions will allow you to enjoy your custom handmade quilt for many years to come.

Our Unique Patchwork Quilts, Australia

No more wondering “Where can I buy handmade quilts?”, you have come to the right place.  We have a wide range of designs representing both traditional and modern quilting techniques with fabrics that compliment the designs beautifully.

For a truly unique, handmade gift view these beautiful patchwork quilts, all Australian made, in our online shop and if you don’t see something you like, contact Dianne to discuss the colour, design and size for your own custom handmade quilt.